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With just snow and ice, artists from around the world create a fantasy world full of emotions and adventures. Let’s sing-along with Disney’s enchanted Ice Dreams Festival at Liège and Anvers this upcoming winter. Dazzling ice decorations of Disney Characters offer the warmest of season’s greetings amid its incredible fantasy of snow and ice.

In two enormous Ice Palaces, one at Liège-Guillemins and one at Antwerp, an extraordinary exhibition inspired by the iconic attractions of Disneyland® Paris, and stories of Disney©, is build. This winter is certain to be another cold one in Liège and Antwerp!

After Bruges, Brussels and Paris now it’s up to Antwerp and Liège to host the international team of professional ice carvers that leaves no one cold. Sculptors will get to work in October and will need five weeks to perfect their creations, some up to six metres high. The festival will take place simultaneously in Liège.

The Disney Dreams Ice Festival is unique in Europe – a fun-packed adventure for young and old alike!

Around the Castle of Sleeping Beauty you can see artistic impressions of the most famous attractions of the parks, de Disney heroes and as a first the new attraction ‘Ratatouille : L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy’.

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty’s entire castle will come to life, along with many other Disney characters, in the form of majestic ice sculptures.

A select group of professional artists will give shape and form to a selection of the well-known attractions and unforgettable moments for which Disneyland® Paris is so rightly famous, whilst at the same time giving a new look to some of the most well-loved Disney and Pixar characters – and all in snow and ice!


The Disney Dreams Ice Festival opens its ice-crusted gates to the public on two different locations:

Liège-Guillemins, in front of one of the world’s best-designed railway stations :

from Saturday, 22 November ’14 up to and including Sunday 4 January ’15.

Antwerp-South, the most Christmassy place to be in Belgium

from 29 November ’14 up to and including Sunday 11 January ’15.

Both Disney Dreams Ice Festivals are open daily from 10 o’clock in the morning until 7 o’ clock in the evening.

Discover this truly remarkable exhibition based on the magic of Christmas at Disneyland® Paris.


Tickets can be purchased at the box office at the entrance to the festival site. Prior reservation is not necessary.

The admission fee for adults is € 12.00 per person per festival.

Students, 65-plussers and the physically challenged pay a reduced fee of € 10.00 per person per festival.

Children between the ages of 4 and 11 years pay just € 8.00 per person per festival each, with free admittance for children under the age of 4 years.

There is also a group rate for parties of more than 10 visitors, with a reduction of € 2.00 per person per festival.

We accept cash, bancontact and most popular credit cards.

There is plenty of (paying) car parking space near the station square and in the adjacent multi-storey car park.

The route through the ice palace is fully accessible for wheelchair users.  Dogs are allowed on a lead.

The Belgian Rail Service is offering a special day trip, which consists of a return train ticket and a visit to festival.

Price information can be obtained from any NMBS station or on the central number +32 (0)2 528.28.28.


Explore the fantastic world of snow and ice, and enjoy the experience of a lifetime – without doubt, the coolest day trip of the year!

In the ice bar you can enjoy a heart-warming glass of something ‘on the rocks’.  You will shiver with delight and your rosy cheeks and nose will glow with pleasure.

But don’t forget to keep your gloves and woolly hat close at hand: the temperature in the ice palace is a constant minus six degrees centigrade!

Warm clothing is definitely recommended.


The Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival is built by the talented hands of 30 professional ice artists from 12 different countries.

No less than 500 tons of crystal-clear ice will be transformed into an enchanting, fairylike décor in the space of just five short weeks.

This treasure-trove of icy art works will be preserved against the elements under the roof of a giant ice hall.

To create our sculptures, about 30 professional snow and ice artists from around the world will work non-stop for the three weeks prior to the opening of the festival.

These artists have years of experience from competitions in Canada, Russia, Japan, Norway, Finland, the United States and China.


Using nothing more than simple hand tools such as shovels, hatchets and saws, these incredibly dextrous artists who understand transparency like no one else, do not carve for eternity but for the delight of the public.

Their skilled hands transform our paper heroes into ethereal characters in winter wonderland. It’s hard to draw you a picture but the result matches up to all expectations: impressive and simply magical!

The snow and ice sculptures – which vary in height from 2 to 6 metres – are on display in giant ecologically heat-insulated marquee with an area of 1,500 square metres and a constant temperature of –6°C.

This temperature is necessary to prevent the sculptures from melting.

The use of specially coloured lighting, reflecting from the snow and ice, is guaranteed to create a fascinating and haunting visual effect.

A fabulous feast of fun, with amazement, emotion and discovery as the key words.


Start your journey in the vibrant atmosphere of Main Street, U.S.A. Step back in time and enjoy the relaxed charm and hospitality of an American town from days gone by.

Back in the good old days, a century ago, when Walt Disney himself was just a child.

Let yourself be enchanted by the magical Disney tales and stories, as you wander through a decor which comes straight out of Fantasyland.

This is the place where dreams really do come true. Relive the great moments of your childhood.

Watch as Flynn Ryder rescues Rapunzel from the hands of her evil step-mother.

Fly away to Neverland with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, in search of the dreaded Captain Hook.

Follow Alice through the spellbinding labyrinths of Wonderland.

Thrill at the sheer size of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Meet Snow White and see how the Seven Dwarfs help her to defeat the wicked queen.

Laugh at the exciting antics of Aladdin and his friendly Genie. Track the sound of the bongo drums through an adventurous landscape.

Stand shoulder to shoulder with the fearsome Pirates of the Caribbean. All carved from the very clearest ice.


Afterwards, you can mosey on down to the Wild West, where gold-fever has broken out in Frontierland. Stake your claim in this icy old mining town and soak up the heady atmosphere of Big Thunder Mountain.

Leaving the past behind, why not take a step into the future, as imagined by some of the world’s greatest visionaries, such as Jules Verne.

Race to the very boundaries of the universe for an inter-galactic adventure and discover how the dreams of the prophets of tomorrow are transformed into the realities of today.


The Disney Dreams Ice Festival in Liège and Antwerp also opens the door on the fascinating world of the movies.

The Walt Disney Studios Park gives us a glimpse behind the cinematic scenes.

Confront your deepest fears in the once majestic Hollywood Tower Hotel, which now seems empty, deserted – and just a little bit spooky!

Or why not blow away the cobwebs with a race along Route 66 or discover the fascinating secrets of the French gastronomy with Ratatouille.


During a full two months, the magical world of Disneyland Paris was a source of inspiration for a creative team of some thirty ice culptors from all around the world.

The result is a fantasy world where treasures of great price are hidden.

Enjoy this unique experience – based on the Magical Moments Festival in Disneyland® Paris – at this year’s Disney Dreams Ice Festival in Liège and Antwerp.

The Disney Dreams Ice Festival takes you on an unforgettable odyssey through the world of snow and ice.

And after your visit, why not stay and enjoy the delights of Liège and Antwerp in winter. 

You are within easy walking distance of the Christmas market and the skating rink.


Liège, Wallonia’s leading city for tourism, hosts Belgium’s oldest and largest Christmas village, with over two hundred wooden chalets, the perfect chance to find the perfect Christmas gift, with the Crystal works of Val Saint Lambert not to be missed.

Liège is served by many direct rail links with the rest of Western Europe, providing direct connections to Cologne and Frankfurt and Paris-Nord respectively.

Antwerpen South, is thè fashionable area of Antwerp and the place to be. Museums, numerous commercial art galleries, trendy cafes and restaurants, and a sprinkling of up-market shops add to the attractions of the area.

Book a city break to Antwerp this Winter and experience breathtaking christmas markets in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.


Editorial note:

If you would like more information relating to this press release or if you would like to visit during the set-up period, please contact:

Press Centre Disney Dreams Ice Festival
Alexander Deman
+32 50 684 584

Photographic material (print and digital) of the snow and ice sculptures for journalistic purposes are available free of rights.


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